Gay guys when describing our best male friend…



Unsung Sitcom Hero of the Day… Bebe Glazer (Frasier)



Frasier: Are you aware that you are in the men’s room? 
Bebe: Oh, please… if I paid attention to signs with little pictures on them, I would never get a parking space.

A morally corrupt, manipulative siren with a tongue as sharp as a bee sting dipped in vinegar. Hashtag legend!



It takes real acting chops to make a sitcom character an overbearing, snobby, neurotic yet much loved anti-hero. John Cleese did it in Fawlty Towers. Hancock did it, Warren Mitchell (Alf Garnett) did it, Chris Barrie (Gordon Brittas) did it and Patricia Routledge absolutely nailed it in Keeping up Appearances (1990-1995, BBC).

The Bucket Woman. Legend.

Sitcom Diva of the Day: Maryann Thorpe

While we were waiting for Megan Mullally to explode on to the screens in ‘Will & Grace’, Christine Baranski provided us with the closest thing US TV had to Joanna Lumley’s Patsy from ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ with the divine Maryann Thorpe, consistently outshining every other character on ‘Cybill’. J’adore!

Maryann: I’ll have a Vodka Martini, two olives.
Serving Wench: I’m sorry we don’t have a bar.
Maryann: …This is EARTH isn’t it?